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tv   Euro News  PBS  May 2, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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train him plotted to kill another captured by pro russian separatist as kiev groups against rebels and soviets. as a pro russian red alien intensify life in eastern ukraine the government in kiev introduce a compulsory team that reached at this. subway trains collide in south korean capital seoul. leaving dozens injured. just two weeks after betty sign in the country's worst disaster in twenty years. ukrainian
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forces of motion operation against pro russian separatists and the rebel stronghold of two against two ukrainian helicopters that can choke down with two pilots killed and another injured according to the defence ministry in kiev russian tv show these pictures of it that hard at the party injured and captured. the ukrainian security service as shoulder launched anti aircraft missiles to be news to proving the pro russian forces include foreign trained specialist cover up that this rebel claims the separatists eight the injured miners are now holding he was abandoned by his colleagues command says the two piece pistol and ran away. ukraine's interior minister says toby and surrounded pro russian separatists to set up barricades on the outskirts of the town. within the soviet countries the minister trying to bolt and separatists checkpoints have been destroyed and several rebels captured. as of the osce to intervene to stop what it calls the rate of retaliation in the east most go out for a
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catastrophic consequences should ukraine move against the separatists. who has been an angry reaction from some civilians until the end to the ukrainian minute re operation. new makeshift barricades to put up on friday morning to try to prevent ukrainian forces from entering the ctu hundred and twenty thousand people. key to this man rejects ukrainian accusations of russian involvement in the uprising when local residents that no one outside to defend it he says will defend ourselves nobody else will have bleach really get the light or non russian troops here is the claim which is normal people. these are our houses our minds. this is also against lions. the pro russian self declared man of the town is played in the extremist right to the dustbin and bolted into the tree operation and that the assault group was oni on the outskirts of town not to descend to. the faced with this old school ukrainian security forces didn't stand a chance for russian
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activists hoping paintings doesn't confine his fifteenth control of the regional prosecutor's the fifth in the city of the net. it's the latest government building to the storms like that protect the streets like my grip on the monte russian speaking east of the country roy it's really nice loyal to the airport forced to fellini under attack from even the most likely of grapple with. bailey jury film but it's the leaks the batch if the crocs crawling to the eu at the western backed government in the capital. the next tooth already declared a people's republican told a breakaway referendum to be held within days. great plates from seven silk history to be up liking something most of tonight's as the rebels late then makes a sprawling central government to reinstate its compulsory minute reset button and makes between eighteen and twenty bond
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conte is that in the east it's practically you can control. first time since is to manage to bhopal and may hit the ball that it begins like the us. i'm going natural is picketing the white tells ukraine will be the focus of the toll that the spying scandal is also set to lunch when the jack johnson and meet president obama today than it was first rate it one of washington's refusal to come clean about the extent of its surveillance activity that might come nobody has this anecdote you're new to the american right the nfa if that was just a little accident. as for the gem and it was a new pr event. now the americans need to understand that the gemini government in general a good job in childcare and tequila demanding answers to the list of questions they cost. too much for the gem and american friendship garden in washington. she noticed me he couldn't find
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the transatlantic partners to overcome their differences heal wounds and reaching new understanding the west german elections have come from very close on the bill clinton and what cold to very bad under george w bush again not sure though. today barack obama i not know america will still need to rebuild trust and war with our issues like ukraine and the nsa scandal can allow that remains to be seen the grover urine use washing the icc services in the south korean capital seoul. the mother rescue operation up to two subway trains collided. it's understood dozens of hostages and endangered the first reports suggest am not seriously hurt. witnesses say a train was hit in the rehab i mean coming mon when i was leaving the station. one night as the rail and passengers walked a short distance along the tracks to the station media sources said. one passenger train is on board announcement in the fleet of passages to stay inside that most people ignored it and force the doors open to escape
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the accident comes just two weeks after south korean ferry sank leaving three hundred dead or missing in the country's worst disaster in twenty years. marlins to the defence minister has accused the police service of waging a political campaign over the arrest that she and pains president gerry adams he had himself in for questioning on wednesday of the abduction and murder of jean according to morgan for two years ago. instead he says his continued detention is down to what he calls of the hoax like within the police. he has for us. i was a deliberate. kim. cities like rome. both elections so that you did take patients be retained. north stars on the site of what can say is that it strengthens our political process in northern ireland. for people to know that no one is of all
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the mall. britain's prime minister has also rejected claims of them suppressed is politically motivated. we have an independent judicial system based in the ratings and will say we do well in all the time and has been up to the new political interference in this dish. no amount of ten was accused by the aisle reading of being an informer. she was abducted in front of children who murdered and buried in secret for decades. he was found on the beach and come to ralph and two thousand and three this denies any role in depth or in the high already one policeman has been killed at a decent one others injured in a bomb attack in cairo. according to security forces. it is the latest incident is a twenty four are said to bombings in egypt and canive sola up to t iior ministry said the suicide bomberille hself aa checkpoint in some cyanide in a second attack renaissance in the same area
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abbas was targeted on the row between owed to it as a tourist destination of thomas cake. it supported the injured were employees of a touristompany. militant attacks in egypt espouses the ahmed oppose mohamad mostly of the muslim brotherhood lost a lot. based in the philippines and arrested at least fifty eight people in a crackdown on cyber . the suspects are linked on online blackmail syndicate. it persuaded people to expose themselves in front of webcams the footage was then used to extort sums of money from the victims of up to fifteen hundred euros. interpol and other national police agencies were part of the pro this operation shows no hiding place. in no matter where criminals here we are the crimes were trying to hide behind the anonymity of the internet's long porous and is equally determined to their efforts to track him down and bring to justice hundreds of victims of this is the gift came from asia and europe and the united states stands with the scottish teenager who committed suicide after being blackmailed. cyber is a growing problem in the philippines. interpol said the extortion is
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operated on an almost ndustrial scale from call center style offices while people were provided with training and offered bonus incentives to just holidays for reaching financial targets. a ten month addicted to my tube and just a child to play hero great finds i refuse to give up the portuguese champions the italians in the semi final tie. the second leg after a goalless draw with speaker of the second straight year of the final two fifty one when the mc has been a week. georgia accuses his mental outlook. chelsea in that way. i couldn't get it right. last week but they were all that was the final set to go buy something of a cool job reminds you of the congo productive. i was afraid. and it's going to be
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open for one thing about ghost of his art for free for the ticket because you feel when going forward. welcome to fund capital amman on the state to pay their respects to former one legend at the center on the twentieth anniversary of the brazilians death into attending a memorial service in the italian circuit with family members and possum car drivers including double one champion fernando homes or when ferrari team making the right of center steve mcclaren can hop back in arguably one of the past weekend to that one of the summer inappropriate austrian driver roman rite but at the height of a crash during qualifying on friday the following day thirty four year old center suffered head injuries when he can read off the track of one hundred and ninety mile an hour time to read okada said it was arguably the most talented driver of his generation of over a relatively short tenure great was rebuilt on toast. most of us and forty one race ws on the all time list behind me get you back to the cross you're too cheap sixty five pole positions which effected
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by schumacher the fourth day commemoration at the moment to mark the twentieth anniversary of the car key weekend includes a photo exhibition which also features some member of any efforts of his career. fans from across the world gathered to pay their respects at the italian second question paper on the statue of santa. a site with many fans continue to lay flowers in tribute to the fold and hero all twenty one hundredth running of the lands of the most classic emotional weight average on the crystal. after shooting continued his fine form when winning the french grand prix the semi classic cycling race to the ultimate for a two hundred km loop circuit around the gym and city. a ten man breakaway group gonna make things right but what courtenay the end of the race for crystal's teammate alexandre cold then tried his luck inside the final ten km the pemberton were quick to react and soon had to rush
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and walk in the ranks ahead of the final sprint finish the crystal and burst out in front with three of the week is to go to . race favourite don't take a toll on his home to up the victory. two ukrainian plotted to kill dozen of a captured by pro russian separatist as kiev groups against rebels and so the ants. as the pro russian red alien intensify life in eastern ukraine the government in kiev introduce a compulsory team to victory said this. subway trains colliding south korean capital seoul meeting dozens injured. just two weeks after he signed the country's worst disaster in twenty years for the mexican film begins with the towpath expediency. and to recognize years old he is a bio pic about disgraced
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priest most of the icl. these drugs abuse boys knew his children. he also had to be appeased the media is creating shockwaves in maine a camp in mexico. i am presenting the film the director said that the recently canonized. i don't pull the second was culpable. i mean. and he is of use to guilty. he's associated with the company's going as a genocide and as a general who is responsible for the actions of the soldiers. the general discharge. don't pull a second has not been in charge of legal drinking it. this is as an institution does because that always an exemplary all priests will get a good book. when in doubt. tonight i'm surrounded
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by consistent remains in nineteen ninety seven. eastman seattle and sixty appeasing them during the forties and fifties complain to the task and nineteen ninety eight. i hate it they were told that the case to ensure no computers from his job is to be. he did his durability. i don't think that when the team to sample ridiculed was simply trying to tell a story to get deep into some challenges mind of his character which i think it could be interesting to see it take to it. it is because of that to him even if that alone is the story and may strike some of the regiment into the hospital and yet i also think he's some kind and because of those i think the film it's important to me that he is taking place. in two thousand and six a year off to the death of two to approve a second. an
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investigation concluded that the accusations of abuse were true. benedict would not sell to retire to a life of prayer penance and the museo di two years later the bride who teach it to us. tymoshenko is running in the ukrainian presidential elections on the twenty fifth of may st of the chairperson canada's leading the polls unit tymoshenko was the symbol of the two thousand and four orange revolution. the prime minister until two thousand and ten up to that she was jailed in two thousand and eleven with yanukovich is fall from power. she was released and is now campaigning in the south east of the country as well as court in ukrainian nationalists. considering the political gulf between the two electorates. it's a huge political gamble work on the hearing is the complete record of the country for ukraine has a particularly
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difficult. these cute fashion map with russia. he's a threat to war over peace to war. what you think about the vast the statement in the commission coming from russia moscow. especially from the traveling involved with the ukrainian situation in your hands clean and simple dough in ukraine is impossible. the district is aggression has no support in the eastern side of the ukraine the eighteen percent of people in the east and so i think the don't ask plus two separate from ukraine and join russia trying to kill him. it was concocted skill was to have the internet these days is a very small to go on a sloping three seconds and chatting mom says there's no not to scale separatism and simple there is a good idea undeclared war being waged by pete in the king's ukraine and this has to be stopped
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immediately. i think i am not high. do you think that all the countries of the european union i really did go away games to russia. because many of them or at least for a consistent part of these countries. at a mexican accent the relationship in reality with moscow and the two but the capacity was cooking some of the european leaders. so do you really think the european union's would be great to work to build a case that gains direction. the species. well i think the bloke has understood her alone time the simple dietary regime has been created in russia along with the highest economy. drop by and helped the princess is being developed needs to go the world has wanted to normalize the situation the kitchen has now given the world feel that unity to basically destroy the regime in russia which threatens
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world peace. crimea and ukraine that traps the peace and anti has walked into them so i think the countdown has begun for the end of his regime. now about the election the possession of action. in the polls are showing that. the anyway as you are. entries are being increasingly getting good results but the unfortunate or ease up on the head nichols. bud. to say that anyway. if these crises we'll postpone the date of the election. it could be a good solution for you because anyone you would have thought that the cbd key who gets even better results the teacher i am strongly against this painting the presidential elections to any of the day i think that
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elections should take place on may the twenty fifth to be respected her and i think a lot the louvre because for the country. it is very important to get to the judgment elected president. i think it will be a strong stabilizing front of the situation in ukraine. and it's not too which will stop the economic crisis. we just need to be kicking out time show the new president will act of making the consistency will be able to change a lot keep singing. bill. that's how i whacked the summit indeed i do remember you when you went on stage up right after your liberation in my job. the did you expect them to such an outcome. and such a huge political and also that the state of the news the sport geopolitical crisis
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with russia. yet much like the call i couldn't have predicted such a turn of events. because in twenty three years of independence nobody could have imagined that russia would start a war against ukraine but the revolution succeeded. and it has given ukraine real independence on real freedom global kitchen couldn't accept this revelation that he couldn't come to terms with it was a groomsman. he got used to be in and out through a sort of fifth column dependent on him and the government of the country he could have his policies carried out. and he had plans to expand his empire and expensive ukraine the revelation upset these plans of days. team co presented the program this country. they did not crack the consortium represent the tv to hold both the eastern part of the country. head. because
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the doctor region. it was a party. general beach was however the expression of these are the end of these regions. anyway heck with the gentle cool beach and we fed the puck to beat and it became the kind of thing the problem remains. i love cooking with cheese to which you are right in that ukrainians in the east. i myself feel a certain lack of attention. they do not trust politicians to rely on that's why over the past few weeks. i have spent only time in the eastern regions. keep your dumb . i also knew that the old buildings in order to hear the ukrainians in the east. to understand the messages to the ukrainian government. integrated
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building and went to wicked witches. i want to understand what they want what kind of support they want from the new ukrainian government and we are ready to support them the percentage. i think this is one of the main issues today and i decided to look too tiny to it. despite campaigning for the elections the show and i think the time has come as one of the world's great president said. can heal the country's wounds and humiliate instead of trying to meet over to understand and to take steps towards each other is the way to return to peace. each school year. publishing and handling. you wear. one of the main characters of that around you. it can to make a comparison for our viewers that are not the only necessity ukrainian of coastal. many other countries can try to explain what these
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the difference between viewer and promotion. and micah the race to the orange revolution was puppy born in support of presidential candidate viktor yushchenko the hoops and so it was a revolution that has supported by politicians under one of my people go. this revelation is taking a different theme this revelation took place without the support of politics or politicians this was the recommendation of leaders from civil society and that is in full and it was a repetition of ukrainians he wanted freedom and peace is a crucial difference that could consume the curator. ay ay ay ay
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it's. the we did. shields was huge. it was. what you want. chapter one. therefore the government. it's good sch
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she is. i did. isn't it. low
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it is. ch. che iptv talk
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the eye. welcome to the world is live and you know tommy and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am more than two hundred people into the subway accident in seoul. when investigators have arrested two officials of the operator of the sunken ferry. afterwards the ship's cargo bay to have been altered ukraine's interim government has launched a major military operation


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